The proposed site is across the street from St. Augustine’s elementary school, a small park and playground utilized by young children and families. It is also across from one daycare centre, and and very near two others. As well, it is next door to the Arbutus Greenway path - heavily used by cyclists, joggers, and pedestrians.

In its proposed configuration, the 12-storey tower will house 140 residents, many of whom will require mental health and substance abuse support. This is far too large a number to be safely integrated into the community without having the right “wrap-around” and recovery supports in place. These supports are not currently in the proposed plan. BC Housing has also explicitly stated that no criminal background checks will be required for tenancy applications.

The current BC Housing proposal will result in a 12-storey tower that simply warehouses the homeless and those at risk of homelessness. BC Housing's approach and plans for this project and its unwillingness to address the safety of residents and the community, raises severe risk exposure concerns for the managing operator, BC Housing, the City of Vancouver, and the Province of BC.

Requests from the community for plans or development proposals that consider the overall safety and wellbeing of the community are legitimate and common sense concerns. They have been ignored.

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