Update: Speakers can still make their voice heard on May 25

Last Tuesday (May 18) Vancouver City Council began debate on Councillor Christine Boyle’s motion to extend from 6 storeys to 12 storeys its recent decision to allow buildings earmarked as social housing to bypass the public rezoning process and go straight to a development application.

Because of the number of speakers who had registered to speak, Council voted to reopen discussion on Tuesday May 25. If you were scheduled to speak, please email the city clerk and let them know still want your voice heard on May 25.

Although new speakers will not be allowed, Council has committed to hear everyone who had registered to speak on May 18.

And even if you've emailed Council before, we'd encourage you to follow up again this week and today if possible.

You can do this directly on the City meetings website here (please use "Member's Motion B.2 on Social Housing" as the topic):


You can also visit this link for a list of contacts to email directly and additional information provided by Parents4TCP:

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