The following was submitted by a long-time resident in Kits.

I have lived in this neighbourhood for 24 years and this is a community that feels like an urban Village. A know-your-neighbour place, with schools, parks and daycare centres. Why is the feel of a Village a good thing? Well, in my opinion, Villages work when there is a variety of housing, a variety of amenities and a variety of people. Too much of one thing is just that. 

Kits has Mom and Pop stores, one-of-a-kind Vancouver experiences, and a few independent chains. That is a good thing. Kits has places for seniors, young people and young families who live in market housing and non-market housing. Most of the housing is human in scale and within zoning that accommodates houses, duplexes, triplexes and three or four storey apartment buildings. This variety and scale of housing work well as it represents the tapestry of life in Kits, developed over time. That is what makes a Village. 

We all know that the new transit stations along the Broadway Corridor will bring more development and change. My hope is that that change will be well thought out and that the new developments will also have a scale and fit in the community so that they too will be as successful as new changes in the past have been.

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